We began what is now one of the largest specialized manufacturers in Turkey in response to federal legislation in 1985, which made fiscal cash registers and receipts mandatory for all commercial enterprises.

Farimex S.A, our sister company, was established in 1976 in Switzerland. They provide technical support and have launched fiscal cash registers for different countries with their OEM concept devices as well as under their brand names Farex and i-Ergos.

In 2005, new federal regulations required filling stations to issue fiscal receipts. In response to these new laws, we started to produce fiscal pump cash registers exclusively for use at petrol distribution companies. With the help of our widespread sales and service network, more than 50% of petrol stations in Turkey are now using our Profilo Nebula brand pump cash registers.

Thousands of companies in Turkey, which issue fiscal receipts, are using our Profilo, Farex, and Telestar fiscal cash registers. We have had the exclusive rights on Farex fiscal devices since 1985 in Turkey and as of 2005 in Greece.

We have developed and received approval for the manufacture of fiscal devices in numerous countries including Poland, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

To date, more than 850K fiscal cash registers have been supplied to the Turkish market. We have more than 600K devices currently operating and being maintained in the field by our service network of more than 400 service points all across the country. Globally, we have sold over 2 million units and have over 800K presently in operation.

We are dominating the domestic fiscal device industry with a 32% share of total market volume making us the definitive market leader in Turkey.

In Poland, we have an independent company working in the fiscal device business, E Data Polska. They have been operating for many years with their own sales and service network. At E Data, we carry out the development and manufacture of all fiscal devices offered by our Polish partner.

We plan to increase our investments and expand our interests in Africa and Asia as we see growth on these continents will further our aim to becoming the global leader in fiscal device sales and manufacturing. In order to enhance our partnerships, we’re working tirelessly to be active in all fiscal countries where they have demonstrated outstanding field experience, high quality products and comprehensive customer support.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition with our tailor-made products fitting in perfectly with customer requirements. We’ve added electronic journals, PC Online communications and built-in GPRS features to our fiscal products. We have also created customized software according to our customers’ needs. Other modifications include support for almost every language and the ability to print receipts in different character sets.

Full technical support is given to our partner companies during the software modification and approval process of fiscal devices. We cater to their specific needs in order to comply with legislation and regulations in each country.

E Data has a large line of fiscal cash registers to fit all business needs. Perfect for any sized business, our reliable operating systems help you to meet your business goals. We offer a diverse range of cash registers with a multitude of design concepts, such as our special solution machines for gas stations. We also offer many different sizes, from our portable small design (Micro ECR) up to high end products (HECR) with online communications and the most advanced all-in-one POS systems.