Processor 8-bit or 32-Bit CPU
Plu Up To 3000
Nozzle  Controls Up To 10 Fuel Nozzles
Fuel Supports 6 Different Fuel Types
Operation Interface Unit For All Types of Pump Brands
Tax 8
Operating Temperature -30ºC ~ 55ºC
Display 64x264 Graphic LCD Display
Printer 2 x 2" Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter
Paper Width 2 X 57 mm
Printer Speed Up To 150mm/Sec
Fiscal Memory 1Mbit, 2Mbit or 4Mbit FM
Keyboard 57 Keys Membrane
Ports RS-232, Ethernet
Protection IP 54
Dimensions H=345mm W=161mm L=248mm
Weight 2.75Kg

Online Features Compatible with Pump Station Automation Software and Vehicle ID Systems
Electronic Journal From 2 MB Customized EJ Up To 2GB SD Card EJ
Gprs In-Built GPRS Module
Battery Rechargeable Backup Battery
Peripherals Stand Alone Outdoor Kiosk, EFTPOS/CAT