Main Features
Microcontroller up to 180 MHz 32-bit ARM® Cortex®M4 MCU
Memory Upto 2MB Embedded Flash Memory
Printer 2" Thermal Printer
Printer Speed 75 mm/s, 100 mm/s optional
Operator Display 2 or 4 lines, 24 characters (192 x 32 or 192 x 64 Full-Graphical LCD)
Customer Display 2 lines, 24 characters (192 x 32 Full-Graphical LCD)
Keyboard 35 keys
Fiscal Memory Capacity 2500 Z Reports
EJ 1.2 million lines minimum and up to 40 million lines internal EJ option
Deparment 8
PLU Capacity 10.000
VAT capacity up to 8

X Reports X Report
X PLU Report
Z Reports Authomatic Z Report Sending Support
Z Report
Z PLU Report
Fiscal Reports between 2 Z Numbers/2 Date-Times
EJ Reports EJ Detail Report / EJ Z Detail Report
EJ Receipt Detail Report between 2 Z Numbers/2 Date-Times
EJ Receipt Copy

Electronic Seal Upto 4 tamper protection points
Mesh Protection To Secure Fiscal Memory
Encryption Between ECR&EJ / ECR&FM

Hardware Features
GPRS Modem 900/1800 MHz GSM/GPRS, Quad Band/3G Modem options available
Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC (50-60 Hz) / 10VDC 4.2A
Battery 7,4 V 2200 mAh Li-Ion Battery

Serial Interface up to 3 x RS232 (Barcode Reader, Scale)
USB Interface 2 x (1x PC, 1x Barcode Reader)
Drawer 1x

Other Features
Dimensions (mm) Length: 249 mm, Width: 153 mm, Height: 87 mm
Weight 1.150 kg
Working Temperature 0 C° / + 50 C°